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What are the rules regarding noise ?  

Our residences are intended to be a quiet place conducive to study. Tenants may therefore not at any time practice noisy activities in their room or their accommodation. It is therefore forbidden to play loud music or play a noisy musical instrument. The tenant must behave in such a way as not to disturb the normal enjoyment of the other tenants of the building.

What condition should the accommodation be in at the end of the lease ?  

At the end of the lease, the resident agrees to return the premises to the same condition they were at the time of his arrival, and free of any property or movable that was not present at the start of the lease. Any breakage will result in additional costs depending on the cost of repairs. The tenant must also keep the premises in an acceptable state of cleanliness, otherwise a cleaning fee may be charged at the end of the lease.

When do we have to pay the rent ?  

Rent payment is due on the first day of each month. It is the resident's responsibility to ensure that they have paid their rent on time. In the event of a payment delay of more than 3 days, the resident is liable to submit a request to the Régie du Logement for recovery of the rent, interest and costs of the request.

What are the policies for travel during the lease ?  

Normally, no room change should occur during the lease. However, if a room change is necessary, it will be to an equivalent or superior room in the residences, and a minimum notice of 30 days will be sent to the resident. If a resident wishes to change rooms during the lease, a fee of $ 50 is payable and reasonable grounds must be invoked. The landlord reserves the right to accept or refuse this request, depending on the circumstances.

If a check or pre-authorized debit is returned by the financial institution, what will be the applicable fees ?  

Any check or pre-authorized debit returned by the financial institution will result in a penalty of $ 30.00 as an administration fee.

What to do if your keys are lost or stolen ?  

If your keys are lost or stolen, you must contact the administration as soon as possible. You will have to pay for the replacement of the keys at the rate of $ 30.00 each. These same rates will be charged if you do not return your keys at the end of the lease.

Is it possible to terminate the lease or assign it ?  

No lease termination is possible except in exceptional circumstances according to the rules of the Régie du Logement. However, it is possible to assign a lease to other residents. It is then the resident's responsibility to find replacements, and these must be approved by the landlord. Using a rental agency such as Airbnb to sublet your room is prohibited. A fee of $ 150.00 will be charged during a lease assignment to cover administration costs.

Can we use wireless Internet services other than those offered in the residences ?  

You cannot, under any circumstances, sign up for a wireless internet package other than those we offer. No external supplier will be accepted. In addition, sharing of user codes and passwords will not be tolerated, on pain of a fine or expulsion.

What is the cancellation policy ?  

A deposit of the amount of the 1st month's rent (including lease services) is required for any room or apartment reservation. If, however, you are not accepted into your program, your deposit will not be refunded to you, but the lease will be canceled. To cancel the lease, proof of your refusal will be required.

Is it possible to smoke inside the residences ?  

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside residences, whether tobacco, cannabis, electronic cigarettes or other, at all times. The consumption, possession and trafficking of drugs are strictly prohibited. Indoor cultivation of cannabis is prohibited.

Is it possible to have animals in my apartment ?  

It is also strictly forbidden to keep any animal, reptile or insect inside the residences.

Is it possible to leave personal effects or garbage in the hallways of the residences ?  

No personal effects, shoes or waste will be tolerated in the corridors and common areas.