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If you have any further questions, you can always contact us. 

What's an endorser?  

An endorser is the person that takes over the responsibility for payments of the dwelling in the case that the tenant is unable to make rental payments. This could be a parent or another family member, who can prove that they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the student staying at Résidences du Campus.

Is it possible to break a lease?  

According to the Quebec Rental board, we are entitled to receive the full amount of rent as indicated in the rental contract, even if the lease is broken, regardless of the reason.

I want a 12-month lease. Is it possible?  

Yes, it is possible. In fact, if you choose to lease for a full year, you will not need to empty your room for the summer.

Do I have to make a first down payement every year?  

Yes, the first payment for your first month of rent is required to hold your reservation.

I've made a reservation at your residence, my first payment has been cashed, but I have not received any notice confirming that my room is booked. How do I find out?  

As soon as your payment is deposited, your spot is guaranteed. For a lease starting in September, you can contact us as of mid-July at info@campusuqtr.net to find out the names and contact information of your new roommates. For a lease starting in the winter semester, you can write to us as of mid-December to the same email address.

What payment options do I have?  

Les Résidences du Campus allow you to make payments using a variety of methods including, by cheque or international money order made out to: "Placements de logement étudiant CHC Québec" and delivered to: Les Résidences du Campus 1640 1B, rue Père-Marquette Trois-Rivières, PQ G8Z 4N6. To pay by internet, please email us at info@campusuqtr.net to obtain your unique identification number. Please note that an email reply can take up to 48 hours.

When does my lease start and end?  

Our leases cover a 4-month period, from September 1st to December 31st or from January 1st to April 30th; there is also an 8-month lease, from September 1st to April 30th.

On what dates must I pay my rent?  

The rent must be paid on first day of each month.

What services are included?  

However students must bring their own phone. High speed internet is included in every room. Basic cable is available in the living room (21 channels).

Who takes care of the housekeeping in the apartment?  

All dwellers of the unit are collectively responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment's common areas, and personally responsible for cleaning their rooms.

Can I ask to stay in the same apartment as my friend(s)?  

Yes – to do so, please write your friend’s name in the Comments field of the registration form, available on our website.

Can I ask to move in with a person already living in the residences, ?  

Yes, it is possible, if a room becomes available in the apartment where the person is staying, you can ask to room with your friend. However, if there is no room becoming available in the same apartment as your friend, they will have to come to the administration office and ask to be placed into a new apartment with you.

Can we switch rooms without notice?  

You must let us know since there is a $50 transfer fee.

Next year I would like to renew my lease and I wish to room with a new friend. Is this possible?  

Yes, it is certainly possible to room with friends. If the person already lives at the Residences, and if an apartment becomes available in your of their apartment, then the switch can occur. However, if no rooms become available, you can both be moved to a different apartment.

Can I switch units if I am not getting along with my roommates?  

You have the following options: 2 weeks after your move in is your "grace period", where you can switch rooms or units without penalty. However, after 2 weeks, a 50$ administrative charge will apply. You have to come by the office to see if any rooms are available.

Where can I get a parking permit?  

As you may know, the parking lot belongs to the university. You will have to pass by the Résidences du Campus administrative office to obtain a proof of dwelling. Then, using this proof, you will be able to pick up a parking tag at the Multi-Ressource Center of the university at the Albert Tessier Pavillion.

Can I write post-dated cheques, and to whom to I address them?  

Yes, you may write post-dated cheques. The cheques have to be made out to: "Placements de Logement Étudiant CHC Québec" and we ask that you write your building, apartment number as well as room letter on the memo line. (i.e. 1640 #1 B).

How can I pick up my keys outside of office hours?  

If you cannot pick up your keys during office hours, you must advise us as soon as possible, at least 24 to 48 hours ahead of time (Monday to Friday before 5pm), so that we can find an alternative way to hand over your keys. Be advised that you will be charged 25$ if a member of our team has to come down outside of office hours to hand you your keys without prior notice.

On which day can I pick up my keys?  

You can pick up your keys on the first day of your lease. If you wish to pick up your keys before the start of your lease, it is possible, extra fees will be charged for every extra day.

When can I move into my apartment?  

On September 1st (for fall & year-long leases) or on January 1st (for the winter lease)

Will I be penalized or will I incur charges if I want to cancel my lease before the beginning of classes?  

No lease can be cancelled after it has been signed, since this lease comes from the Régie du logement.